Lastly: don’t ever, ever, ever think that you’ve been gone too long to come to Him. God is not some spiritual parole officer waiting for you to fail. If you’ve strayed from prayer, He is not keeping some score. If you don’t feel Him at all, tell Him that: “I don’t feel you right now, God.” Pray with any amount of faith that you have; believe that prayer works; ask for faith if you have none. If you’re mad, tell Him. If you’re ashamed, guilty, confused, afraid, doubtful: tell Him. He can handle that. He is understanding, patient, gracious; He loves you. You’ll soon find you’ll want to talk to Him, because He’s actually pretty awesome to talk to. — jspark (via iwasakaleidoscopeheart)

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Let each man think himself an act of God, his life a breath of God. And let each try by great thoughts and good deeds, to show the most of heaven he hath in him. — P.J. Bailey
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

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I need to remember this.

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Father, forgive me, for I know exactly what I do. yarabirham

God forgive me for despairing when I should have turned to you.

God forgive me, in general.

Confession continued…..

And all I can do is ask God for mercy, and my heart is far from Him.

If indeed there were a God whose true nature—whose justice or sovereignty—were revealed in the death of a child or the dereliction of a soul or a predestined hell, then it would be no great transgression to think of him as a kind of malevolent or contemptible demiurge, and to hate him, and to deny him worship, and to seek a better God than he. — Orthodox Scholar David Bentley Hart (via yarabirham)

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I try to love God through loving and helping others. How can I love God whom I haven’t seen and yet I don’t try to love and help those around me who I see on a daily basis?